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Semen Leakage

Semen Leakage - Causes and 100% Natural Treatment at usmanherbalhc Ayurveda

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Semen leakage can be the best treated with herbs and Ayurvedic treatment methods. usmanherbalhc Ayurveda provides you with Ayurvedic semen leakage treatment that works fast and effectively without any side-effect.

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What Is Semen?

Semen is a greyish white fluid released by the gonad of man or any other male animal. This fluid carries sperm and other enzymes that facilitate sperm in fertilization. A large amount of protein contained in the semen is responsible for the whitish opalescence. Spermatozoa give it the slightly turbid appearances. By volume, 1% to 5% of the ejaculation is made up of sperm cells. 95% of the ejaculation feeds, propels and protects sperm cells so that these cells can find and fertilize an egg.

Semen is produced in various locations. The locations and respective percentage of semen produced are:

Seminal vesicle – 65% to 70%

Prostate Gland – 25% to 30%

Testis – 1% to 5%

Bulbourethral glands – less than 1%

What Cause Leakage of Semen?

In case of a man in good sexual health, semen is supposed to leave penis only during masturbation or sex. Semen leakage is pretty common during sexual activities. However, sometimes, semen leaves the penis when the man is not masturbating or not involved in any other sexual activity. Semen leakage with or after passing urine is often accompanied by a little pain just below the bladder area. In some cases, the condition is improved with time and no medical intervention is required. In some cases, the leakage of semen with urine can’t be cured without treatment.

When Semen Leakage is not a Sexual Problem?

Leakage of semen occurs when a young man is aroused or thinking something naughty. This is pretty normal. Pre-cum, also known as pre-ejaculatory is another fluid coming out of penis prior to ejaculation. This fluid serves the purpose of a lubricant during intercourse. This is also normal.

When Semen Leakage Is A Sexual Problem?

There are some cases in which semen leakage should not be ignored and the patient should see a sexologist for Semen leakage Treatment. Causes of semen leakage are:

  • Nocturnal Emission:

    This condition is also known by other names including wet dream or sex dream. Here nocturnal means at night and emission means release. Semen leakage in this condition occurs due to dream about sex. The young boy doesn’t even touch his penis and doesn’t even remember the dream.

  • Medication side effects:

    Some mood stabilizers, antidepressants, hormone treatment and some other medications can also cause semen leakage. Apart from semen leakage, antidepressants from SSRIs group are also responsible for reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation.

  • Nerve injury :

    A man ejaculates when a complex interaction between brain, nerves and spinal cord occurs. Multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes and other medical conditions affecting nerves can result in this problem. Infections, aging, spinal injury, spinal cord surgery or groin surgery can also affect ejaculation.

  • Prostate problems:

    25% to 30% of the semen is produced in this gland. Semen carries sperm through the urethra to the penis. Conditions like prostate cancer and prostatitis can cause damage to the prostate gland. This damage can cause semen leakage.

Semen Leakage after Urination

Semen leakage, when caused due to injury or infection, should be taken very seriously. Leakage after urination happens when some semen remains in urethra after the last ejaculation. This semen is then leaked with urine. Retrograde ejaculation is another condition causing this problem. Some semen instead of exiting out from penis enters the bladder. If your urine is cloudy then you are most likely suffering from retrograde ejaculation.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Semen Leakage

It is possible to stop semen leakage in a brief span of time with Ayurvedic medicine for semen leakage. Here at usmanherbalhc Ayurveda, we have an experienced team of Ayurveda practitioners. Our recognized team of Ayurveda practitioners uses highly effective herbs and proven Ayurveda methods that have been saving men from stress due to semen leakage and premature ejaculation from the ancient times.

We not only use Ayurvedic principles and methods but also do our own research to make safe and effective treatment for Semen with Urine. We patiently listen to the patient and carefully assess the condition causing semen leakage. This helps us in providing the most effective treatment and suitable diet plan. If stains on your underwear worries you then get connected with usmanherbalhc Ayurveda now!

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