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Stop Masturbating (Hastmaithun) by Ayurvedic Treatment and Medicines & Go from fappy to happy

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Masturbation (Hastmaithun) might give you temporary pleasure and release sexual tension; there are some harmful effects of masturbation addiction. usmanherbalhc Ayurveda provides you with Ayurvedic treatment that will help in breaking this habit.

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Masturbation or hand practice (Hastmaithun) is sexual simulation of one's own genitals, by hands or by other objects in order to achieve sexual pleasure. The practice of masturbation involves rubbing or pressing of sex toys or other sex objects or hands against one’s own private parts in order to reach to the climax or orgasm.

Masturbation is commonly practiced among both singles as well as married persons despite of ages and sex but the question is, Is it OK to practice masturbation? Or Masturbation has side-effects?

To know the answers of the above questions, first let us learn what leads to masturbation. What is the reason behind married people to practice masturbation even though they have sex partner.

  1. Unlimited wants-
    This may sound little awkward, but this is true. Human wants are unlimited. The same thing is applicable to sex also. When one desire is met there is another unmet desire which makes the person practice masturbation to satisfy that unmet desire.
  2. Lack of self confidence-
    Some people lack confidence in dealing with opposite sex, so they develop the practice of masturbation in order to satisfy self.
  3. Life Problems-
    Many people practice masturbation in order to relieve stress, escape from life problems.
  4. Porn-
    Watching porn is one the most common cause resulting in the increase in the percentage of people practicing masturbation.

From the above it is clear that masturbation is not a disease but it’s an addiction and mere a time pass which is not normal. Yes practicing masturbation is not OK, it has many side effects.

Excessive Masturbation can become a serious problem. It can become a habit which can turn into many physical problems. As masturbation is generally practiced more among teenagers, over masturbation at this age disturbs hormones and other body organs.

The following are the long term side-effects of masturbation.
The following are the symptoms that shows you are addicted to masturbation practice.
  1. Depression-Masturbation will lead you to mental depression. It gives you mental pressure.
  2. Nervousness- Excessive masturbation will make you nervous, you will start feeling guilty, you will lose self confidence and soon you will avoid family and friends.
  3. Addiction-Masturbation is itself is an addiction you will get so much addicted to it, that it will become a very big menace to control it.
  4. Stress- Excessive masturbation gives you mental stress leading to depression.
  5. Feeling of uselessness- Masturbating is just a waste of time, and as time passes it will make you feel useless.
  6. Neurological problems- Excessive masturbation makes you weak, this leads to neurological problems.
  7. Drowsiness- Excessive masturbation will make you restless, you will note that after masturbation you sleep most of the time.
  8. Loss of interest in sex- A person who masturbates, will soon lose interest in sex and cannot enjoy sex for a long time.

Apart from these there are many adverse side effects of masturbation for example:

  • General body weakness
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of general body strength
  • Indigestion and urinary problem
  • Loss of energy and strength
  • Body ache
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of concentration and behavioral problems
Masturbation treatment at usmanherbalhc Ayurveda-

Treating masturbation at earliest as possible is very necessary in order to live a healthy, normal life. usmanherbalhc Ayurveda is one of the best online ayurvedic clinic in India for sexual related problems. At usmanherbalhc Ayurveda we have highly dedicated, well qualified doctors who offers customised treatment at highly affordable, reasonable price.

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