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Regain Vaginal Tightness - 100% Ayurvedic treatment to tighten Loose Vagina!

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ushmanherbalhc Ayurveda provides you with a quick and easy way to tighten the loose vagina. We achieve this by utilizing the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and experiences. Ayurvedic treatment for loose vagina achieves the best result without any side-effect.

Female anatomy is made up of many internal and external sex organs, that helps in the reproduction of new offspring. One of the external sex organ in female anatomy or reproductive system is the vagina.

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Female anatomy is made up of many internal and external sex organs, that helps in the reproduction of new offspring. One of the external sex organ in female anatomy or reproductive system is the vagina.

The Vagina is a flexible, elastic, muscular canal in female genital extending from vulva to the cervix that provides feeling or sensation.

The Vagina plays a very vital role in women's reproduction system by allowing penis for sexual intercourse, becoming a passage for childbirth and a channel for menstrual flow

Over a time due to sexual intercourse, childbirth, ageing and much more reason many women face the most common issue of the 'loose vagina'.

As vagina is elastic and stretches during sexual intercourse and childbirth it naturally starts losing its tightness by age and hence it becomes flappy affecting sex life.

It is very important to maintain the elasticity of the vagina for happy relations and married life as loose vagina can reduce pleasure during sexual intercourse which is the most common reason for failed marriages.

Causes of the Loose Vagina:

The following are the most common causes of the loose vagina:

1. Pregnancy:

In normal delivery the child comes out through vagina opening. So during this process, the vagina stretches beyond its limit and loses its elasticity naturally, no doubt it regains some after some months but not 100% as it was before.

2. Ageing:

Nobody can run from ageing. Ageing makes skin and muscles lose its strength and firmness and hence by age the pelvic muscle becomes weak resulting in the loose vagina.

3. Sexual intercourse:

Vagina allows penis for sexual intercourse, for this it stretches and as time passes, by age, it tends to lose it tightness.

Symptoms of Loose Vagina:

The following are the common symptoms which tell you that you have a loose vagina:

1. Urinary stress infection:

This is the most common condition in women who have lose their vagina tightness. Due to loose vagina the muscle that controls the release of urine becomes weak and hence results in urine leakage. This is also known as stress incontinence.

2. Orgasm:

Orgasm or climax is satisfaction; it is a peak of sexual response. Orgasm cannot be achieved by a loose vagina as it is followed by a contraction in pelvic muscles.

3. No stimulation for smaller objects

You feel no more stimulated when inserted with smaller objects. But remember one thing, inserting a larger object will only give you some benefit and is not the solution for your problem.

4. Lack of sexual pleasure

With loose vagina you're unable to hold tight grip and therefore you lose sensation which results into reduced sexual pleasure.

Treatment of Loose Vagina at ushmanherbalhc Ayurveda

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