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Vitiligo or Leucoderma Ayurvedic Treatment & Medicines

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Have you noticed some white patches on your skin from last few days? Do not take these spots casually as these could spread all over your body if it is leucoderma. It is advisable to get your skin disorders confirmed by an expert doctor and undergo treatment as quick as possible as various systems of treatment do not guarantee its treatment at advance stage when whole body becomes white and hairs shine in grey colour. It is being stated till now that leucoderma has a cure only at its early stage. Before enquiring about treatment let us acquaint you in detail about skin whitening disease or leucoderma.

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What is Leucoderma?

Leucoderma is an upsetting condition of skin which means white skin. It is also termed as Vitiligo which involves slow shedding of Melanin pigment from the skin which results in white patches all over the body. Irony of leucoderma is that patient does not suffer any kind of health issue and can lead normal life without actually undergoing any sort of health problem. Patient despite of being physically healthy suffers psychological and mental stress and at time can also undergo depression as looks of effected individuals gets ugly. White patches all over the body spread and gradually covers entire body from head to toe including genitals and hairs. It is not a communicable disease which spreads through touch or by coming in contact of infected person.

Symptoms of Leucoderma

Though only an expert can recognise the nature of patches but here are few symptoms which are common and can aid patients to understand and identify Leucoderma.

  • The first and primary sign of leucoderma is White patches which could be of a pea nut size initially and may latter on spread on whole body leaving no visibility of original skin tone of patient.
  • Premature greying of eye lashes and hairs.
Why is leucoderma caused?

As per Ayurveda, Leucoderma is caused due to the excess of Pitta Dosha in the body. Pitta symbolizes heat or fire. The aggravated Pitta gets accumulated as ama (toxins) deep under the layers of the skin which compels the skin to lose its original texture. Underneath are some more causes of white patchy skin-

  • Stress, anxiety and depression may lead to leucoderma.
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Chronic gastric problems.
  • Repeated and high intake of opposite food items like milk and fish together.
  • Heredity
  • Burns and injuries
  • Parasite/Worms in the digestive system of individual.
Treatment of Leucoderma

Regrettably despite of immense progress of medical science, at present no system of science like homeopathy, allopathy etc guarantees 100 percent cure for leucoderma. It is being claimed that its treatment is possible only at early stage. A doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid topical medication or another treatment doctors may suggest is Psoralen. But its effectiveness has not been confirmed yet.

Ayurvedic Treatment of leucoderma

Ayurveda unfolds its treatment of leucoderma irrespective of its stage and ushmanherbalhc ayurveda clinic is best option for so called hard to control or cure skin disorder, being the best ayurvedic clinic of the country having renowned, expert and hardcore professional doctor.

Our Ayurvedic treatment of leucoderma comprises of harmonizing imbalanced energies of the body, purification of blood and medication of medicines made of herbs that have the potential to get the skin in its original colour. Our medicine emphasize on restoring the digestive system of the body as indigestion is the main cause of it. The patients are also strictly advised to maintain correct diet and healthy lifestyle to prevent recurrence of the disorder.

Our Doctor’s Health Tips

  • Enhance the consumption of vegetables like drumstick, bitter gourd etc having bitter taste.
  • Eat food that can be easily digested and avoid difficult to digest foods, sour taste, fish, excessive salt, jaggery, curd and sesame seeds.
  • Say no to consumption of opposite foods, such as fish and milk together.
  • Avoid going out in extreme weathers.
Procedure of treatment

Hassle free treatment is offered by ushmanherbalhc Ayurveda clinic as you get a chance to consult with best doctor without even stepping out of your home on internet or phone. You may also visit their clinic personally and avail treatment which is started only after enquiring history and stage of every case personally with our doctor. Have customized medicine for leucoderma just at your door by availing home delivery service

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