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Constipation – Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms and 100% Natural Treatment at ushmanherbalhc Ayurveda

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What Is Constipation?

Your partner or roommate is knocking hard at the door of the toilet and you are having hard times there on the toilet seat. You are having a problem in passing stool. The condition of constipation occurs when the frequency of bowel movement is less than normal and bowel movement also becomes tough. We all have gone through this at least once at some point. Usually, constipation is not a serious problem. And, you need not worry if it improves in two or three days.

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Burning sensation in stomach and chest region of the body is usually due to acidity. Acidity means high level of acid in the stomach. The main purpose of acid is to break complex form of food into simpler to facilitate digestion. The excessive release of hydrochloric acid in the food basket of the body is termed as acidity and its advance stage is termed as hyperacidity.

How is acidity caused?

As per Ayurveda, the mounted level of Pitta Dosha in the body is the chief cause of acidity. Pitta signifies heat or fire. However, the increased level of pitta is due to numerous reasons and unhealthy lifestyle is definitely one of them.

  • Excessive intake of spicy and oily food is the cause of burning sensation or acidity in the body. Fast foods like pizza, burger, momos , pasta should be taken in limited quantity and should be avoided by people having acidic problem.
  • You must have noticed that some food articles may not suit your body and causes swelling, excessive burps and bloated stomach. Such kind of food should be avoided.
  • Food of opposite nature like milk and salt, milk and fish should be strictly stopped.
  • Intake of alcoholic liquor elevates acidity in body.
  • Eating late night and staying wake whole night is the cause of acidity as food doesn’t get digested.
  • Sleeping immediately after dinner or lunch.
  • Suppressing the urge of urination and stool.
  • Stress and depression.
  • Eating disorder when individual eats more than appetite.
  • Gastro-duodenal ulcer
  • Staying in the sun for long.

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  • Does your stomach remain bloated and stiff, it is the sign of acidity.
  • Indigestion
  • No or lack of appetite
  • Irregular and difficulty in passing stool or Constipation is outcome of acidity.
  • Sour belching- does sour water from the stomach comes back into your mouth; it is an indication of acidity.
  • Vomit sensation or actual vomiting
  • Restlessness
Ayurveda - Best treatment for acidity

Acidity is called as Amlapitta where Amla means sour and pitta stands for heat). The high pitta in body is the sole reason of fire in the digestive system which causes the production of ama in the body. Accumulation of ama causes acidity.

The Ayurvedic treatment of acidity aims on soothing the pitta dosha of the body and on detoxification of body. Mollifying herbs are administered to cease the fire of digestive system which strengthens the digestive system without giving any side effects to other systems of the body.

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Treatment by expert doctor can heal your health issue quite rapidly and you deserve the best. Therefore ushmanherbalhc ayurveda is best choice as it offers credible and herbs based customised ayurvedic treatment for acidity. Our doctor is available for face to face appointment at our clinic while patients can also opt for online consultancy in case of failure to visit clinic. No matter what kind of mode you choose to meet, our proficient doctor give equal significance to every appointment and follow same procedure of treatment. Written underneath are the steps involved in treatment-

  • Consultancy
  • Investigation
  • Analysis
  • Medication
  • Payment
  • Home delivery
Common Advices to be followed by every patient with acidity
  • Say no to processed and fermented food items.
  • Minimize the usage of ginger, garlic, onions, vinegar and tomatoes while cooking.
  • Skip coffee, tea and carbonated or alcoholic beverages.
  • Stop eating curds in night
  • Also avoid rich gravies, sour, salty, and spicy foods.
  • Make a habit of small meals at regular intervals.

Our doctor is also available on call for cases needing immediate advices as well as treatment.

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